Who is God calling you to be?

The Lord has a plan for every person’s life! Over time, through prayer and reflection, the Lord begins to reveal this plan quietly in the depths of your heart.

Welcome to the Office for Vocations for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois


It is not a coincidence that our Lord has chosen to make us in His own image and likeness. Each and every one of us has a part to play in the life of the world and in the life of the Church. Our Lord has called each of us to holiness; this call is our universal vocation. With that universal call, each of us is also invited to once again play a specific part in creation. What might your part be?

How is God calling you to live out your life in service to Him and His people? Some people live the single life as a witness to the holiness of God in the world. For many, God call to them is to the sacred bond of marriage. For others though, there is a “different” call. God is still calling holy men and women to serve Him and the Church through sacred orders (bishops, priests and deacons) and the religious life. Could God possibly be calling you to something “different”? Consider the priesthood or religious life as the way that God might be calling you to follow Him!

Each and every one of us is being called by our loving God. Each and every one of us has a vocation. Take time to let the Lord speak to you. Let Him unfold His own desire for you in your life.

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