The Eucharist Miracle exhibit was gifted to the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois and was blessed by then Monsignor Carl Kemme at the exhibition debut on Corpus Christi weekend, 2010, at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. The exhibit is available to borrow to any parish or organization in the free of charge, however you  must be able to pick it up.  We do not ship it.

The diocese has 150 panels (out of 172) available which can be borrowed for an exhibit (all or some).  Each panel is 23.75" X 31.5" and has an attached easel. An exhibit packet has been created with more detailed information (packet includes some history, housekeeping, and a fillable reservation application and panel selection sheet). Contact Cindy at 217-698-8500, ext. 137 for further information.

In order to create an educational showing at your parish, it is recommended to visit The Real Presence or The Official Carlo Acutis website. There are also audio clips with some of the miracle locations that will give you a more indepth knowledge and understanding.

There is a large amount of resources to teach children about the Eucharistic Miracles at The Real Presence webpage which includes a 274 page full color book on the Eucharist by Raffaello Martinelli.  Also four other books:  A Eucharistic Miracles and Saints (119 pages) can be printed out in its entirety along with Eucharistic Scriptual Readings for Children (37 pages) and The Eucharist, the Bread of Life (22 pages) as a PDF.  There is also a 49-minute video for children titled The Eucharist, My Highway to Heaven that can benefits families and for use in the classroom.

The following link will direct you to EWTN's Take2 Memorial Day 2021 recording with Dr. Bill and Mary Ryckman.

When requesting panels for a showing, please consider sufficient lead time.  Thank you. Below you can find where there are scheduled showings around the diocese in order to help you plan for your parish, school or venue.

St. Boniface, Edwardsville - June 2021


This Vatican-approved international exhibit was designed and created by Venerable Carlo Acutis (3 May 1991 - 12 October 2006). 

© 2000 – 2019 Real Presence Eucharistic Education and Adoration Association with all rights reserved worldwide.

The first Eucharist miracle occurred in Lanciano, Italy in 750 A.D.  The additional and comprehensive list (see link) will allow the you to view all the available panels (on The Official Carlo Acutis website).

Lanciano (part 1) 750 A.D. (click thumbnail for larger view)
Lanciano (part 2) 750 A.D. (click thumbnail for larger view)