"Natural Family Planning is good for your body and your soul."
Carlos Tejeda<br>
Director, Marriage and Family Life
Carlos Tejeda
Director, Marriage and Family Life

Natural Family Planning (NFP), reflects the dignity of the human person within the context of marriage and family life, and promotes openness to life and the gift of the child.  NFP provides the opportunity to understand the natural cycles of fertility and infertility, and grow in your realization of how important and vital these gifts really are. You will appreciate your own fertility as a normal and healthy part of your life and marriage.

Natural Family Planning strengthens the marital relationship. It increases the quality and frequency of communication between the spouses. Couples find that the love and respect they have for each other grows as their understanding and appreciation of their fertility increases.

Natural Family Planning is:

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Inexpensive to Use
  • Scientific
  • Effective
  • A Shared System between Husband and Wife
The Marquette Model makes use of cervical mucus observations and the ClearBlue Fertility Monitor
The Billings Ovulation and Creighton Models make use of cervical mucus observations.
The Couple to Couple League makes use of observations and resting morning temperature readings.

NFP Class Schedule