Displaying Awards

Displaying Awards

Celebrations for Presenting Religious Awards

Below is a resource that can be adapted for local use in preparing a suitable award presentation ceremony for Scouts who have earned religious awards.


Presenting the Award:

Religious awards should be presented in the same manner as other significant Scout awards. For Cub Scouts, the presentation could be part of a Pack meeting or at the Blue and Gold Banquet. Scouts BSA units typically host a Court of Honor to give out awards. Special recognition could also be part of the parish celebration of Scout Sunday, usually the first Sunday in February or at a time that works better for the pastor and parish. Girl Scout Troops may have their own traditions for presenting awards, too.

Scouting America Awards

A religious emblem is normally worn for only the most formal occasions in Scouting. Examples would be Courts of Honor, Blue and Gold Banquets and during your parish celebration of Scout Sunday. The medal is worn pinned immediately above the top seam of the left shirt pocket of the official uniform.

In lieu of the emblem, Scouts are authorized to wear the Religious Emblem Square Knot (silver on purple, item #5007) above the left breast pocket and below the World Crest on the official Scout uniform.

Once earned, the Scout may wear the Religious Emblem Square Knot all official Scout uniforms throughout his or her Scouting career. Religious awards are not Scouting America awards and, therefore, do not have to be removed when a Scout transitions from one Scouting program to another, or from transitioning from being a youth member to an adult member.

Girl Scout Insignia

For information about the placement of religious recognitions and other insignia for members of Girl Scout troops, please visit https://www.girlscouts.org/en/members/for-girl-scouts/uniforms.html.