My dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Catholic education is at the heart of the Church. Our mission is to teach and provide our children the gifts of our faith and give them the roadmap to a lifelong and holy relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is always a joy for me to visit with students across our diocese. Their enthusiasm, friendliness and love for their school, friends, family and faith is inspiring and uplifting. Through the sacraments, service projects, beginning each day in prayer, retreats, and worshipping at Mass, our schools are centered around one thing: our faith in Jesus Christ.

Schools in our diocese are also known for their incredible teachers and administrators who challenge and nurture our students. Our schools foster academic growth, provide unique opportunities beyond the classroom, excel in sports, and offer engaging extracurricular activities. Most importantly, we are known for the character of our students who live out the Gospel message and who put others before themselves, living a life of intentional discipleship.

In the following pages, you will learn more about our Catholic schools and how they prepare each student for success in the secular world, but most critically, success for their eternal salvation.

If you are new to our diocese or exploring sending your children to Catholic schools, I encourage you to visit a school and talk with teachers and parents. I am confident you will find a family atmosphere, welcoming environment, students who will make life-long friendships with your children, and our faith in Jesus Christ around every corner.

Finally, I want to thank the generous people of our diocese, our families, and all those involved in Catholic education for their selfless dedication to our children.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Most Reverend Thomas John Paprocki
Bishop of the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois

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