A Buddhist becomes Catholic

April 5, 2024

Buddhists make up 1% of the US population, but what about Buddhists who become Catholic? Who knows, but you know it’s tiny, yet Dive Deep found one of them! Deena Bell of Springfield joins Dive Deep to share her conversion story from Buddhism to Catholicism.

What you don’t know about the process of becoming a priest

April 5, 2024

What does a diocese look for in a man who wants to become a priest? What are red flags? What evaluations occur? What about the cost of education and what exactly do seminarians learn? Becoming a priest is a lot more than than an application and going to school. Dive Deep sits down with Brian Alford, Director of the Office for Vocations for the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois.

Professional soccer star turns priest

March 1, 2024

Fr. Chase Hilgenbrinck had everything, at least in terms what the culture says – professional athlete, cool lifestyle, fame. But that life didn’t make him feel full. The now Diocese of Peoria Vocation Director shares why ultimately he left life as a professional athlete to become a professional servant of God.

Confession Is More Powerful Than An Exorcism

February 1, 2024

You’ve seen in the movies the extremeness of an exorcism. But, did you know, Confession is more powerful? Fr. Ambrose Criste, O.Praem., who has performed exorcisms, dives deep into the Rite of Exorcism, what he has experienced as an exorcist, why Confession is more powerful, and tips for how we can fend of evil.

Dr. Scott Hahn on what Catholics need to change

January 5, 2024

Dr. Scott Hahn joins Dive Deep to discuss topics such as what habits practicing Catholics need to change; why was Dr. Hahn “anti-Catholic” before he converted; how John’s Gospel changed his entire outlook on faith; how we can have Eucharistic amazement; and what should we lean on when we’re facing hardships. Dr. Hahn joined Dive Deep from the BOS Center in Springfield on Oct. 28, 2023 when he was the featured speaker at the Eucharistic Congress.

From Poland, to Effingham, to a US Citizen – Fr. Michal Rosa’s unique story

December 1, 2023

Fr. Michal Rosa, pastor of Sacred Heart Church in Effingham, officially became a U.S. citizen July 7. It’s a journey he would have never imagined, growing up in Poland. So how did this all happen, how did Bishop Paprocki play a role, what does Fr. Rosa think of America, what does he miss the most about Poland (besides family), and what aspects of our faith does he wish America prioritized more? We Dive Deep with Fr. Michal Rosa.

Heaven or Hell: How God judges

October 24, 2023

It’s one of the deepest theological questions – judgement. What is the particular judgement and the last judgement? Will we know everything in heaven? Will we know if our loved ones are in hell? Ultimately, what does the Church say about what will happen at your judgement? Father Peter Harman, who holds a Doctorate in Moral Theology from the Catholic University of America, joins Dive Deep.

Indulgences? My soul is 100% clean? Seems made up

October 6, 2023

Indulgences are a great treasure of the Church that too few take advantage of. But, you may be confused on how they work, what you have to do, what’s the point of doing them, and where you can find out what indulgences are available. Fr. Chris House answers all things indulgences.

2 kids. 1 faith. An inspirational interview

September 1, 2023

Sometimes you don’t need a priest, a theology professor, or even your spouse to get you inspired about our Catholic faith. You can look to children who are excited to live out our faith. But why do they live it joyfully? How do they get this way? What suggestions do they have for parents? Matthew and Thomas of Springfield join Dive Deep to inspire us.

The backstory of the making of our documentary, God is Alive

August 4, 2023

Thousands have watched our documentary, God is Alive | Incredible stories of faith and miracles, and it has inspired them and impacted their relationship with God in profound ways. How did this project even come about? What was the inspiration, how was it filmed, what happened behind the scenes, and what were some funny moments? After listening to this conversation, watch the documentary at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e4Zq8y27ljU&t=14s