Vocation Madness – A Time-Out on the Court

Written By Fr. Mark Tracy

There is nothing like March Madness. It is a magical time of the year that so many people look forward to. Brackets are filled out and bets are placed. People around the country tune in the first weekend as game after game is played with lots of buzzer beaters and upsets. Unfortunately, this year, the magical March Madness had to be canceled due to the coronavirus situation.

During times like these, when things are out of our control, it is important to remember to focus on what we can control and look to the Lord Jesus to lead us through. He, after all, is the greatest coach and has a strategy for us just as coaches and players have a unique strategy during March Madness. The Lord Jesus has a unique strategy for each of us in His Church and specifically during this trial. The way to learn His strategy for us is to spend time in prayer with Him and listening to His Word!

During this time, with less on our schedule due to cancellations, we can take time to listen to Christ and discern where He is leading us in our life. Sometimes His message to us in the Scriptures is one of comfort, and sometimes His word is a word of challenge to us. No matter the message, there is a method to His madness and strategy. He gives the word that we need for each moment in our unique vocation and our unique role in the Church. So during these times of cancellations and confusion, pick up the Gospels, and read a chapter each day with the Lord Jesus. Read it, reflect on it, respond to His message, and then rest in His Presence as you prepare to go back out on the court.