Real estate

Donate real estate to make a lasting impact, unlocking the hidden potential of your property’s value.

About gifts of real estate

Making a gift of real estate to charity may be an appealing option for property owners with appreciated value, as it helps avoid capital gains tax liabilities.  

Additionally, it benefits individuals seeking to simplify estate planning, reduce estate tax liability, and relieve themselves from ownership expenses and maintenance burdens.


  • Eliminate ownership and maintenance expenses.
  • Make a significant charitable gift in support of our mission.

How it works

  1. Contact us to let us know about your interest in donating real estate. 
  2. Obtain an appraisal of the property to determine its fair market value. This will help you determine the amount of your charitable deduction for tax purposes.
  3. Work with us and your attorney to transfer the property ownership. This may involve executing a deed, transferring title, and completing any necessary legal or regulatory requirements.
  4. Claim your charitable deduction on your tax return for the year in which the donation is made, while avoiding income tax on any appreciation in value 

There may be some restrictions on the types of property we can accept, so please contact us before you donate.