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Eucharistic Congress - Oct. 28 - BOS Center - Springfield

Eucharistic Congress at the BOS Center - Oct. 28 - Springfield

The Eucharistic Congress will be a spiritually uplifting and motivating event featuring talks from nationally popular Catholic speakers. It also includes Catholic vendors, adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, confession, and inspirational videos.  The day culminates with the very essence of the Year of the Eucharist, the Mass, with an arena full of Catholics eager to hear the Word of God and receive Jesus present in the holy Eucharist.

How seating will work at the Eucharistic Congress at the BOS Center Oct. 28

A letter went out to pastors, deacons, and parish administrators about how seating will work. Each parish is designated a specific number of seats and is responsible for how best they want to fill them. Read the letter here: BOS-letter.

Bulletin announcement for Eucharistic Congress at BOS Center

To help promote the Eucharistic Congress, you can copy and paste a bulletin announcement, which includes a graphic. Feel free to also read this for an announcement at Mass.

Graphics for materials

Here is a graphic image for the Eucharistic Congress

Here is a graphic image for the Year of the Eucharist

Promotional video available

To further promote the Eucharistic Congress, this promotional video can be played at your church, posted on your social media, and/or used in an e-blast to parishioners.

Eucharistic Congress website

If you go to the diocese website now, one can click on the first banner to get to the website for the Eucharistic Congress. Here is also a direct link. The site includes the speaker's bios, the schedule of the day, FAQ, how to volunteer, and more.

Volunteers needed

We are seeking volunteers for the Eucharistic Congress. Here is a direct link to that form (which can also be found on the Eucharistic Congress website).


If you know of individuals or businesses who would be interested in giving to support the Eucharistic Congress or becoming a sponsor, please let them know. Tell them to go here to learn more.

Reminder, no Masses/weddings/funerals Saturday, Oct. 28 - Due to the Eucharistic Congress going on Saturday, Oct. 28 at the BOS Center in Springfield, a reminder to all priests/schedulers that there are to be no parish Masses/weddings/funerals that day as priests will be in Springfield.

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