Why be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

Lush, green grass. Beautiful trees. A sense of peace and tranquility. Most cemeteries have the same look and feel, but at Catholic cemeteries, things are different. As Father Daren Zehnle explains, Catholic cemeteries have a faith-filled spiritual element and a deep respect for the deceased, and it’s those reasons and more, why you should be choose to be buried there.

“It is only natural that those who share the same faith in life will wish to carry on that sense of community in death. When it comes to the issue of death, the sensibilities and needs of Catholics are unique and call for certain practices in the handling and care of the remains of the deceased. Therefore, in the consecrated grounds of a Catholic cemetery there are safeguards — mandated by the church’s Canon Law — which guarantees permanence, reverence, and respect for the remains of the deceased.”