End of Life Conversations

A Catholic Perspective on Advance Directives

This booklet provides general guidance for creating a health care plan. A health care plan gives your loved ones certain decision-making roles. It helps guide them as they make those decisions for you when you are not able. This booklet also discusses some moral guidelines that help as you create your health care plan. Also, this booklet focuses on how to select your decision-makers and give them the authority to speak for you. Finally, this booklet gives general information about Illinois Advance Directives. They are the legal documents that make up your health care plan.

Death in the modern age – and how to prepare
as a Catholic

As the 20th century priest Fr. Henri Nouwen remarked, “Dying is the most general human event, something we all have to do.” The question, he asks, is “Do we do it well?”

"Do not allow yourself to be overly saddened by the unfortunate accidents of this world. You are not aware of the benefits that they bring and by what secret judgement of God they are arranged for the eternal joy of the Elect."