Confirmation and First Holy Communion at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Springfield

Confirmations and First Holy Eucharist are now taking place at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception and will be scheduled on Tuesday evenings for parishes within 50 miles of Springfield and on the first, third, and fifth Saturdays of the month for parishes more than 50 miles from Springfield.

Michael Geier

"It really brought it home once we walked through the doors. The Catholic Church is more than just St. Thomas (parish in Newton, IL). These are very important events in my son's life. I think taking that trip to Springfield, almost like a pilgrimage to the Cathedral, I think it was something very special. My son goes to church multiple times a week and going to the Cathedral is something that would stand out and something that he will remember."

Sarah Barthelme

"When we got there, it was a really nice place. There were nice facilities for the girls to get changed. Getting your sacraments in the Catholic Church is a big deal, and I felt this made it a big deal, like it made the kids realize how important it was. They went to this big place. The bishop was there. It made it more meaningful."

Annie Beverlin

"I have been a Catholic for 46 years and had never been to the Cathedral. My husband has been a Catholic his entire life, and he had never been to the Cathedral. So having our granddaughter see it at a young age was just really exciting to see that. Our grandson also got to be an altar boy for the bishop, so that was even more special."

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Information for Clergy, Parents, and Parish Coordinators

Bishop Paprocki speaks with the confirmandi prior to the start of the Mass. Each confirmandi is requested to complete a questionnaire. This information will help Bishop Paprocki to personalize his homily for the candidates. Yes, he does read these!

Volunteer to help with sacraments at the Cathedral

(You must be safe environment trained through your parish)