The Diocesan Centennial Campaign is an ambitious and critical initiative which will provide the infrastructure and community support needed to launch parishes into the next 100 years with vibrant liturgies, engaging formation opportunities, welcoming and hospitable sacred spaces, and thriving Catholic communities filled with intentional disciples. This exciting initiative will invite each parish to think critically about their mission. The Campaign Planning Worksheet will help parish leaders discern important campaign initiatives, timelines, and resource support to ensure a successful campaign. Simply put, this worksheet answers the who, what, where, when, and how of your parish campaign.

Each parish will need to determine their case statement based on these campaign focus areas:

  • Parishes will be financially stable and current on all diocesan financial obligations.
  • Parishes will be secure by saving at least six months of expenses in the parish savings account. 
  • Parishes will be financially healthy by being debt free. 
  • Parishes will be sustainable by endowing their future in the Catholic Foundation. 
  • Parishes will be a welcoming place of prayer, hospitality, formation, and service through safe and modern facilities and campuses. 

In order to accomplish this task, each parish is asked to complete a campaign planning worksheet.  

Prior to launching a parish campaign, please submit this form for approval by the Centennial Campaign Leadership Team.