Quincy University President Brian McGee agrees to contract extension through 2029

QUINCY — Brian McGee, PhD., who has served as the 24th president of Quincy University since July 2019, has signed an agreement to remain in that role through 2029. The announcement was made by Ralph Oakley on behalf of the QU Board of Trustees, which unanimously supported the extension of McGee’s agreement with the university. Oakley is the board chair. By remaining president until 2029 or later, McGee, 56, would become one of the five longest-serving presidents in Quincy University history.

“On behalf of the board, my fellow QU alumni, and the members of the university community, I want to thank and congratulate Brian on this agreement,” said Oakley. “Brian has done a remarkable job at leading QU since he came to the university in 2019, including his commitment to meeting the needs of the Quincy region. We have seen dramatic institutional growth and important achievements on multiple fronts, and we look forward to more great things ahead under Brian’s leadership.”

“From my first day as president, the people of Quincy University and the Tri-State Region have welcomed me, supported me, and done everything I could have asked to make me feel at home,” said McGee.  “To finish my career at QU would be an incredible honor, and we will continue to serve the alumni, students, faculty, and staff of this great institution to the very best of our ability. Together, we continue to make Quincy University better with each passing year.”

Since McGee’s arrival in Quincy, the university has had several major accomplishments:

• At a time when many private universities in the Midwest are experiencing enrollment declines, Quincy University has had significant undergraduate enrollment growth and, for Fall 2023, had its largest freshman class in 50 years.

• The success by design program of the university, as initiated in 2019, now emphasizes student success in all phases of university life. Students work with advisors and success coaches to create individualized student success plans. Faculty, staff, and technology resources help students graduate on time and prepare for their careers or for additional educational opportunities.

• Philanthropy has flourished at Quincy University since McGee’s arrival, with four of the university’s five largest fundraising years occurring during his time at QU. The university received the largest gift in institutional history, $6.5 million, in 2021.

• The university has added or is in the process of adding several new academic and athletic programs, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, public health, arts management, sprint football, swimming, and wrestling. With new resources, the highly regarded honors program recently became the President’s Honors College.

• Several QU facilities have had significant renovations in recent years with important projects completed or under way in Francis Hall, Cupertine Hall, the Health and Fitness Center, the University Center, the QU North Campus, and Legends Stadium (women’s and men’s soccer).